The WALK for FREEDOM is a movement for change and UNITY of all persons who wish to create a world of truth honesty and no Government over reach. The WALK was established summer of 2020 by Brad Carrigan and a collective of like minded and concerned persons seeking to protect their inherent rights and civil liberties, the collective of this group grew and was supported by countless groups and entities encouraged to leave the differences at the door and UNITE for the common good of all.

There have been 9 very successful Walks for Freedom in Calgary, averaging between 400 – 1200 persons in attendance, all these rallies have been hosted at Calgarys Princes Island Park and Calgary City Hall.

Freedom Unity Alliance has also sponsored the “Drives for Freedom” to various towns around southern Alberta as well as pickets at fake news CBC / CTV as well as Health Canada for the fake science , City Hall and Board of Education to bring attention to the dangers of our children wearing masks.

The mandate of the WALKS is to shed a light on the deception and lies by the fake news media / the Government / Health Canada / and the Board of Education that have all perptuated unnecessary fear and programming with the end result of taking away the rights and freedoms of the people.


UNCERTAIN TIMES – The Government CV-19 case numbers do NOT test for virus / just symptoms / Lock down of our province = 4 million people / 380 related deaths from CV-19 / Federal Government building Isolation internment camps across Canada / forced vaccines / vaccine passports and check stops on the horizon / censorship of countless 1,000’s of TOP doctors and scientific opinions that question the corrupted heath officials / main stream media CV-19 narrative / as well as the Dangers of wearing a face Mask especially for children whose brain cells need Oxygen, and not the recycled c02 that causes un-replaceable brain cell damage.

TESTING – The Johns Hopkins university CV-19 test that most doctors use called the PCR test, does not measure for virus, only genetic material that represents a list of virus like symptoms / CDC stated 94% of their case were not accurate / but is used to instill MSM fear “cases” narrative and shut down our country.

FACE MASKS – Promote and “market” a FEAR narrative and cause lack of Oxygen related fatigue = CV 19 symptoms = Forced Quarantine / Vaccines / loss of rights and freedoms.