The Freedom UNITY Alliance is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry that represents all people as sovereign beings and their rights to protect their family, environment, country and promote, mind, body and spiritual civil rights / awareness values, through uncensored information, integrative health and wellness information networks and educational vessels. To this general principal we include scientific research of past present and future topics, and spiritual evolution featuring lectures and online website properties.

Our parallel global goal also, is to allow education and nurturing of the mind, body and spiritual aspects of our bodies and deeper understanding and knowledge of the world around us. We truly believe through creation of a new, alternative information platform that educates and aligns with other similar global networks, we will ultimately enrich, sustain and lay the foundation for future generations, because “We are Change”.

The Freedom UNITY ALLIANCE represents all people and their rights to inform and protect our family, our environment and our country. Our goal is to include and support community networks and infrastructure as a beautiful cross section of all people with the divine right to protect our family, our environment, our country and to share mind, body and spiritual awareness initiatives to our congregation, and nurture our understanding of topical issues affecting our inherent and sovereign rights, as a national and global society.

Our goal is to protect our “community”and expand mind, body and spiritual awareness as a whole on issues affecting our inherent and sovereign rights ….