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Our Mission
Our FREEDOM ministry “ Mission” is to promote higher awareness to educate and heighten public awareness and understanding for the critical mind, body and spiritual issues that effect our personal wellness, collective sovereignty and a sustainable global environment now and in the future.

This higher cognizance is harnessed, encouraged and promoted through our ministry and global network of traditional, social and multi media information formats, and mind, body and spiritual integrative retreats, that will all ultimately educate, enrich and sustain future generations with real information and guidance …all to enhance the foundation of pure uncensored wisdom and knowledge.


Uncertain Times

UNCERTAIN TIMES – the Government CV-19 case numbers do NOT reflect or test for virus / just symptoms.

The lock down of our provinces with the Federal Government building Isolation internment camps across Canada / forced vaccine passports and check stops on the horizon / censorship of countless doctors and scientific opinions that question the corrupted main stream media CV-19 narrative.

TESTING – The Johns Hopkins university CV-19 test that most doctors use called the PCR test, does not measure for virus, only genetic material that represents a list of virus like symptoms / CDC stated 94% of their case were not accurate / but the PCR testing is still used to instill MSM “cases” fear narrative and shut down our country.

FACE MASKS – Promote and “market” a FEAR narrative and cause lack of Oxygen related fatigue = CV 19 symptoms = Forced Quarantine / Vaccines / loss of rights and freedoms.

The role of Government is to represent the people of Canada, not globalist vaccine and special interests groups.

The freedom of all must be balanced against the prevention of irresponsible actions.

The need to keep the nation healthy must be balanced against the need to keep it fed, active and productive. Without the other three, the first is unachievable.

 Get the balance wrong in key areas and our country may swiftly become divided and authoritarian is such degrees unseen since Nazi Germany.

 Sadly, this is a real threat the Canadian Government has got the COVID-19, balance badly wrong.

 For example, it has prioritized the treatment of Covid over all other conditions, including the most lethal killers we face today – cancer, dementia, heart disease, and, for those under 40, suicide. In perspective Alberta has had approx. 300 CV-19 related deaths with a population of 4,000,000 persons, this shut down would seem criminal or corrupt at best.

We know for certain that the failure to treat these other mass killers diseases will produce thousands of excess deaths, as medical experts like Professor Carl Heneghan of the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine have warned.

 Meanwhile, the example of Sweden suggests that Canada’s draconian action may have little impact on the final toll from Covid-19. However, for us to debate real questions, many in Government and the media coin it as irresponsible conspiracy.

 Instead, the debate in Canada is driven by a vicious cycle of interactions between broadcasters, Government, tainted and corrupted science and public opinion based on the fear masks provide. This has now pushed our cities, towns, provinces and country towards ever more repressive measures.

If the aim is to save life, the fear and lockdown approach is totally counterproductive, since the result will be many excess deaths from the big killer diseases.

 We have a divided population, split between those who have taken an intelligent interest in the CV-19 facts and a panicking majority who have been simply terrified by the broadcast medias constant fear doom and gloom biased narrative.

 We need more people to think rationally if we want change in the policy of dictatorial mandates. Until then, our Government/s will continue implementing restrictions, no matter what the damage, as fluctuating opinion polls dictate.

The broadcast media has a sad lust for creating panic, which makes the news feel important and exciting. And while the reality is slowly dawning, panic is still what most people feel. The result is a cycle of destructive behaviour, which threatens our lives, our futures, and our freedoms.

 The unbalanced and fear based behaviour of our provincial and federal Government marks a profound change in the way we balance the present and the future moving onward. Previous generations were prepared to sacrifice everything to ensure that the future would be better for themselves and their children. They faced far greater threats from disease than we do, even with Covid19, and yet they continued to strive, to work together, to build never shutting down our country during wars, flus and other issues.

Uniquely, this current Government/s have chosen to throw up the hope of a better future to tackle an illness that would hardly register a blip by historic standards. The damage that has already been done is immense. To inflict more would be disastrous. It’s time for the Canadians to return to our senses, and support representation that WILL STAND UP and walk in the right direction even if the crowd is walking in the wrong.

Recovery is campaigning for an approach to Covid that acknowledges the possible risk, but weighs their draconian actions against balanced scientific consequences.

We aim to calm the hysteria, share the facts and put Covid into a rational perspective while giving Canadians a political force that represents the people and not the vaccine companies and their special interests.

Every single person who joins us makes a difference. We welcome your support.